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I'm a Front-End Developer with a soon completed MSc in Product Design from Sweden, living in Linz, Austria. 🇦🇹

Here I occasionally publish random* stuff I find worth sharing with the world.
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Default to tabs instead of spaces for an 'accessible first' environment

  • webdev
  • productivity
  • accessibility
  • a11y
  • inclusive design

I’m sure you’ve come across the age-old, opinion-based debate of ‘Tabs vs. Spaces’ for indentation before. It has been going since forever, and there seem to be valid reasons for both sides:


  • smaller files because it’s just 1 character
  • that’s what they’re used for
  • you can customize your own indentation width (👈 keep this one in mind)


  • to avoid problems in whitespace-sensitive environments
  • because you know what you’ll get, and consistency is key

But, there’s more to this than just personal preferences. u/ChaseMoskal recently posted a very insightful and eye-opening post on Reddit with the title “Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces”.

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