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About me

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Who I am

I’m curious. If I’m not improving my skills or knowledge of the world on a regular basis I get bored. When I don’t understand I ask why and set out to find an answer.

I'm open-minded. I embrace my mistakes and learn from them. I avoid prejudices and find opposing views to my own fascinating, not threatening.

I'm simple. I often opt for the simplest possible path or solution. Some call me a "minimalist", but I try to avoid labels. We are the average of the five labels we assign ourselves, (1) and I like being free.

I’m an extroverted introvert. While I love meeting new people and exploring new places, I recharge my energy at home.

I'm Swedish, but I live in Austria since 2019.

What I do

I’m a self-taught, product-minded iOS/macOS Engineer with a background in web development and product design.

Due to my curiosity for both design and development, I love working on meaningful products in close collaboration with designers and product people, and being part of the "why".

By day I work as an iOS Engineer at Composer—an all-in-one platform for building, backtesting, and executing trading algorithms with the help of AI.

By night I like to build apps that I wish existed. I built Tiny Weather because I couldn't find a beautiful, simple, privacy-minded weather app. I built Tiny Softbox to fix my bad office lighting. I built Balance to help myself and others find work-life balance.

I'm a member of the Swift Website Workgroup—a steering team that helps guide the evolution of the Swift.org website.

Other than that, I like taking each day as it comes.

Where you can find me

This website is my home on the internet, but you can also find me elsewhere (for now—more on that later).

I use Twitter to share random things and thoughts and to connect with like-minded people. You can follow me @alexandberg.

As I'm a supporter of free speech, I'm also on Mastodon. You can follow me there at @alexandersandberg@mastodon.social.

On GitHub, you can find some of my open-source projects. You can find me at @alexandersandberg.

I don't use LinkedIn much but you can still find me on there @alexandberg.

You can also reach out to me via email at hi@alexandersandberg.com.
I'm not interested in your app services or million-dollar inheritances, but I appreciate the thought.


If you're interested, here is a timeline summarizing the path I've taken and the decisions I've made to get to where I am today.

1994 Born in Luleå, Sweden.
2007 Wrote my first lines of code by following course examples taught by the local school for students 5 years above me.
2011 Took a course in web design and fell in love with Front-End Development. Began working on small web development projects as a hobby.
2013 Moved to Gothenburg, Sweden to study Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology.
2014 Moved back to Luleå as the Computer Science degree lacked the aspects of creativity and design that I loved. At a Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to study Product Design.
2015 Got into typography and lettering and ended up selling a custom logo shortly after. Interned at a creative agency. Began studies in Industrial Design Engineering at the Luleå University of Technology in my hometown.
2016 Worked as an in-house graphic designer at a local company. Realized I preferred Front-End Development. Learned that there is no speed limit and set up a plan to graduate in less than the expected five years.
2017 Signed with a modeling agency in Stockholm and worked as a model. Traveled quite a bit, mostly to Stockholm but also to Paris and Milan. Worked as a library assistant at my university.
2018 Started freelancing as a designer and full-stack developer. Began putting my thoughts into writing through blog posts and journaling. Moved to Sydney for an exchange semester at the University of New South Wales to gain new perspectives on my engineering-based education by taking art courses. Worked as a CAD process analyst consultant.
2019 Realized that I wanted to focus my career on software development. Moved 2,000 km south to Austria and began working full-time as a Front-End Developer at Newsadoo.
2020 Graduated with an MSc in Product Design one semester ahead of schedule after completing my master’s thesis on the side of my full-time work. Got promoted to Head of App Development at my company and changed focus to work on mobile apps instead. Built Tiny Weather in my free time to learn more about mobile app development.
2021 Set a goal to transition to working full-time on a product that I love at a company with values similar to my own. Joined Tempo a few months later. Started learning native iOS development. Sunset Tempo after 7 really great months. Joined Practice as an iOS Engineer. Built Tiny Softbox to learn more about SwiftUI.
2022 Built and launched Balance, which was awarded with #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and featured in a bunch of places, including TechCrunch and Dense Discovery.
2023 Continued working on Balance. Joined Composer as their first iOS Engineer to bring their AI-powered trading platform to iOS.