Indie apps


My latest indie app!

A time tracking app that helps you balance work and life.

Tiny Softbox (opens in new tab)

Simple softbox for video calls, photography, reading, etc.

Tiny Weather (opens in new tab)

Minimal weather app that protects your privacy.

See my about page for apps I’ve worked on together with other people.


I’m here to help with any questions or thoughts you might have. I also always love to hear feedback, suggestions, and new ideas for my apps.

You can reach me by sending me an email.

Balance questions? The Owner’s Manual might be able to help.



To help me improve the app, some anonymous usage data is collected. No personal data is collected—it’s only stored on your own device.

I use Mixpanel for this. See Mixpanel’s Privacy Statement (opens in new tab) for more information. If you opted-in during the onboarding, you can opt-out anytime in the Balance app settings.

I use RevenueCat to help me manage Balance Pro subscriptions. This is also processed anonymously. See RevenueCat’s Privacy Policy (opens in new tab) for more information.

Tiny Softbox and Tiny Weather

I do not collect or store any of your data. That’s it!



Balance is a “freemium” app which means it’s completely free to install and use, but gives you the option to subscribe to a Pro version to unlock more features.

These subscriptions are processed and managed by Apple, and you can read more about that in Apple’s support article (opens in new tab).

Apple’s Terms of Use (EULA) (opens in new tab) applies.

Tiny Softbox and Tiny Weather

Tiny Softbox is a paid app. After paying a one-time fee on the App Store, you will have lifetime access to the app on all your devices.

Tiny Weather is a free app. You can install and use the app and all of its features completely for free. If you would like to support the development of the app, there’s an option to donate from within the app.

Apple’s Terms of Use (EULA) (opens in new tab) applies.