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Reworking this website

I just finished redoing this website. It’s now generated using a custom static website generator that I built myself with Swift. Everything from design to content to hosting is also quite a bit simpler. I love simple things.

Working on Balance 2.0

I’m working on a complete redesign and rewrite of Balance that will hopefully launch sometime later this year.

Launching Composer iOS

After a few months of hard work, we’re getting close to releasing the first version of the Composer iOS (opens in new tab) app to the App Store.

Phasing out social media

I’ve felt distracted by social media lately. I want to figure out a way to move all my online interactions to email (because I love email). I’m just not sure yet how to do this without losing the ability to meet new people online.

Increasing indie MRR

As part of my strive for freedom and independence, I want to someday have the option of making my indie apps my full-time job. I’m currently ~10% of the way there in terms of MRR.

Planning to move somewhere else

We like it where my girlfriend and I live now, but it’s not the place we eventually want to settle down at. We would like to figure this out in the next few years though, and have started planning for that.

Spending less time in front of the computer

Now that summer is here, I would like to spend more time outside and away from the computer again. I try to stick to at least one computer-free day every weekend, but it’s easier said than done.

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If you’re curious about my long-term life goals, check out my someday page.