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Welcome to my personal home on the internet where I share things about myself—what I’m thinking about, what I’m working on, what I aspire towards, etc.

I still publish some content elsewhere, like on Twitter at @alexandberg (opens in new tab), but I someday hope to break free from that. I’m still trying to figure out how.

Like life itself, this website is forever a work in progress.


This website is generated using a static website generator that I built myself with Swift (opens in new tab).

It’s using a simple layout system built around VStacks and HStacks, inspired by SwiftUI (opens in new tab).

Why? I simply love working with Swift and SwiftUI, and want to immerse myself in it whenever possible. It was also a fun challenge for me to build my own static website generator.

As the website generator is built with Swift, I use Xcode (opens in new tab) to work on the website.

Updates to the website, including new articles and other content, are pushed to the website’s public GitHub repository at github.com/alexandersandberg/alexandersandberg.com (opens in new tab).

When new changes land on the remote main branch, a GitHub Action (opens in new tab) is triggered which generates the new website files and uploads them to Bunny Storage (opens in new tab), which I use to host the files.

Website images are also hosted by Bunny, but in a separate storage zone. I upload those images manually using their web interface.

The website files and images are then distributed globally with Bunny CDN (opens in new tab) at lightning speed.

I buy all my domain names at Porkbun (opens in new tab). I bought alexandersandberg.com in 2014.

The domain names are pointed to Bunny DNS (opens in new tab).

I like to know how people find my website, so I use Plausible (opens in new tab) for anonymous analytics and check the referral sources once in a while.


An unordered list of websites that have inspired me in some way or another to make this website look and behave the way it does.

If you like the design of my website, you can find some more great inspiration at deadsimplesites.com (opens in new tab).

Carbon footprint

Thanks to this being a static website, only 0.0026g CO² is produced per visit, according to websitecarbon.com (opens in new tab).

The global average is 300 times more at around 0.8g CO² per visit.