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A time tracking app with focus on work-life balance.

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App features

  • Clocking system
  • Mindful time tracking
  • Break reminders
  • Clock-out reminder
  • Focus/pomodoro timer
  • Menu bar app
  • Session exports
  • (Pro) Session log with trends
  • (Pro) Session notes
  • (Pro) Workspaces and projects


  • App/website blocking
  • Goals
  • iCloud syncing
  • Improved history
  • Mobile app
  • … and more!

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Screenshot of Balance app Screenshot of Balance app
Screenshot of Balance app Screenshot of Balance app
Screenshot of Balance app Screenshot of Balance app


Product Hunt · December 27, 2022

#1 Product of the Day

Also #3 Product of the Week. Thank you to everyone who voted! ❤️

Balance as the #1 Product of the Day

TechCrunch · December 27, 2022

Balance is a Mac timekeeper app that requires you to manually clock in your hours

“There are plenty of time-tracking apps for Mac that automatically log the hours you’ve spent signed in. Some even offer granular data, telling you how much time you spent on a particular app.

A new app called Balance is taking a slightly different approach to timekeeping, allowing users to manually punch in and punch out the time they are spending in front of a screen.”

BGR · December 27, 2022

Start 2023 with Balance, a macOS app that wants to improve your work-life equilibrium

“With a work-life balance at its core, the app has a system that lets you clock in when you start working, close the app to take a break, and let you know when you should stop working.

A mindful time tracking feature shows your active session on the top of your Mac’s display with an easy-to-use menu bar.”

March 27, 2023

Dense Discovery — Issue 231

“This lovely-looking macOS app combines manual time tracking with regular break reminders and a built-in Pomodoro-style focus timer.”

January 1, 2023

Creativerly 201 by Philipp Temmel

“In the past, I have used, tested, and played around with quite a lot of different time-tracking tools, but there is no doubt that Balance is the most beautiful piece of software within that category.

There is always something special about opening up a new app you want to try out, and you immediately see all the craft and love for detail that went into designing its interface of it. Balance sets an incredibly high standard for beautifully designed software in general.”