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Sunsetting Tempo

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My time at Tempo

I joined Tempo in April after wanting to work on something that I believed in—something that inspired me.

My time at the company was spent on bringing Tempo to mobile. While the mobile app was never officially launched, we regularly shipped new features and updates to over a thousand Alpha and Beta users.

Tempo mobile app

From taking ownership of the mobile app, working on new and existing features together with the team, and publishing new mobile releases to our users, working at Tempo was a valuable experience for me.

It was refreshing to work together with great, talented people on a product that I loved using myself—something I will never forget or take for granted.

I want to thank everyone who supported us. It's been amazing having so many engaged users who have helped test our apps and given us feedback.

Next steps

It's unfortunately not possible to keep the mobile app alive, but we have released a standalone version for macOS that you can continue using for free, but without updates or support.

While it's of course sad to close down, I'm excited to see what's next for everyone on the team. We all have different plans moving forward, but I have no doubt that there are nothing but great things ahead.

As for me, I will be taking a short break from full-time roles to spend some time on my own things—like Tiny Weather—as well as doing some freelance work whenever I come across an interesting project—feel free to reach out if you know of any!

Let's see what the future holds.

You can find the official announcement on the Tempo website.

— Alex