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Balance: Mindful time tracking

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I struggled a lot with work-life balance after going fully remote and always working from home at the start of the pandemic. The natural response to that as an app developer is of course "I can build an app for that!".

So that's what I did. I built Balance to help myself and others find and maintain good work-life balance.

The app was built in public and I posted regularly about the process on Twitter. Over 150 people tried and used the app in Beta over a few months. (Thank you for all the valuable feedback!)

I'm happy to finally announce that Balance is now officially released and available for download on the App Store! 🥳

Balance app preview

Balance is still quite simple, but I have big plans for the app.

As work-life balance is extremely important, but also very difficult, I hope that Balance can have a positive impact on people's lives—even if just a little bit.

👉 Learn more and download Balance

— Alex