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Announcing the Swift Website Workgroup

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I'm very excited to be one of the inaugural members of the Swift Website Workgroup (SWWG)!

Together with the Swift core team and the community, we will guide the evolution of Swift.org to make it an even better resource for everyone.

The workgroup

The workgroup has been established following the announcement of Apple's decision to open-source Swift.org. With these changes, the whole Swift community will be able to participate and contribute to the future of the website.

The workgroup will define processes that govern contributions, actively guide website development and contributions, define and prioritize efforts, and make sure that the community's feedback is heard.

You can learn more about our goals here.


If you're interested in contributing to the future of Swift.org, you can learn more about how you can participate here.

You can find (and star ⭐️) the Swift.org repository on GitHub at apple/swift-org-website.

The Swift website was (and still is) my go-to resource for anything Swift-related, but there is a lot of potential for making it even better. I'm looking forward to working closely together with the Swift core team, the other SWWG members, and the Swift community on this.

You can now reach out to me about anything related to the Swift.org website's evolution. You can also contact SWWG directly via the Swift forums.

There is a special section on the forums for anything related to the Swift website.

See you there! 🙂

— Alex