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Random stuff that I find worth sharing with the world.

Announcing the Swift Website Workgroup

Together with the Swift core team and the community, we will guide the evolution of Swift.org to make it an even better resource for everyone.

Tiny Softbox announcement

My second tiny app, this time written in SwiftUI.

Joining Practice

I’m thrilled to announce that I'm joining Practice as an iOS Developer.

Sunsetting Tempo

I'm sad to announce that we are sunsetting Tempo on Friday, October 29.

Joining Tempo

An exciting new start.

Tiny Weather is now available for download

After a few weeks of testing with over 500 beta testers, I'm super excited to finally launch Tiny Weather!

Tiny Weather announcement

My first app as an indie developer.

I don't miss my TV

Thoughts on life without a TV.

The unexpected power of daydreaming

Why daydreaming should be encouraged.

Motivation comes from taking action

Action isn't just the effect of motivation, it's also the cause of it.

Comparison kills creativity

Why you should be careful with seeking inspiration.

The simple steps behind a successful product

People don't care about your product, only the result that comes from using it.

Learning and forgetting

Even though you can’t pinpoint all your fragments of knowledge at all times, the effect they had on you still persist.