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Joining Tempo

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I believe that to create a really great product and enjoy your time doing it, you have to work on a product that you believe in and would use even if you weren't working on it.

This was something that I felt was missing for me, so I set a goal for myself for 2021 to transition to working full-time on a product that I love at a company with values aligning with my own.

In early February I learned that Tempo was looking for a developer to join the team to work on their mobile app.

Tempo is a beautiful email client that's different from what you're probably used to. With email batching, focus mode, reminders, Markdown support, and more, Tempo redefines the way we work with email for the better.

Tempo app on desktop

I immediately fell in love with the product's design and user experience and quickly became a paying user.

The team behind Tempo is also on a very deliberate and focused mission to create the best possible product for its users that is paid for with money instead of personal information or attention like all the "free" alternatives out there.

This resonated very well with my own mission of creating products that don't make the user the product by selling their personal data or monetizing their attention with ads.

As you've already read the title of this post, you know where this is going...

Alex x Tempo

I'm happy to announce that I'm today joining Tempo as a React Native Developer to work full-time on the long-awaited Tempo mobile app.

Working on an exciting product together with like-minded people that share my own values is such a great source of inspiration and motivation. There is also a great community around Tempo that I can't wait to engage more in.

I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

— Alex