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I don't miss my TV

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Almost three months have passed since I left Sweden for Austria, and in the process left most of my belongings behind.

As the last few years of my life have been inspired by minimalism and simple living, I didn't actually have many things to leave behind in the first place. It was nice with a fresh start nonetheless.

I could furnish my new apartment according to the preferences of my present self. I didn't have to worry about accumulated stuff that I wasn't ready to get rid of yet, even though it didn't bring me joy anymore.

One of the things I left behind was my TV.

I never had an unhealthy habit of watching too much TV, as I always kept myself busy with various projects. Watching TV was actually more of a healthy activity—an opportunity for me to take a break from my work.

But despite the little time I did use my TV, there was a lot of complexity in my life because of it.

It was a pain to move, all six times. I needed a TV stand to hold all my electronics connected to it and comfortable seating in front of it—just at the right distance. My interior arrangements had to be determined by the placement of this bulky combination. And let's not forget to mention all the expenses that came with it; from initial costs to the extra square meters needed.

My TV added a lot of constraints and complications to my life with little value in return.

But living without a TV for these few months has not only reduced the physical clutter in my life. When boredom comes around there's no longer a TV reminding me of the easy way out.

This has helped me resist the temptations of instant gratification. Now I spend more time reading books, listening to music, and going for long walks in the city.

Not always having a TV around also encourages human interaction with the people in your life—something I think most people could benefit from nowadays, including myself.

I still watch the occasional movie or TV show on my laptop from the comfort of my armchair or bed, but it's no longer something I gravitate towards whenever I have some time to waste.

It's a remarkably liberating feeling.

— Alex