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Hi, I'm Alex.

I’m a self-taught, product-minded iOS/macOS Developer with a background in web development and product design.

Due to my curiosity for both design and development, I love working on meaningful products in close collaboration with designers and product people, and being part of the "why".

By day I work as an iOS Developer at Practice where I, together with an amazing team, build a tool that helps individuals run their entire practices and coaching businesses from one place.

By night I like to build apps that I wish existed. I built Tiny Weather because I couldn't find a beautiful, simple, privacy-minded weather app. I built Tiny Softbox to fix my bad office lighting. I built Balance to help myself and others find work-life balance.

I'm a member of the Swift Website Workgroup—a steering team that helps guide the evolution of the Swift.org website.

Other than that, I like taking each day as it comes.

I'm not spending much time on social media anymore in an attempt to regain lost focus, but I love connecting with people over email.

Feel free to introduce yourself!

Want to learn more? Continue to my /about page.